The road service restores the former beauty of the microdistrict called “Tel Aviv” by the people of Beltsy: the reconstruction of Voluntarilov and Independentsey streets began here. The work is performed by the municipal enterprise DRSU. The road here is not just reconstructed, but also expanded for parking spaces. Director of DRSU Sergey Pchela told BTV that in the next few days asphalt will be laid on sidewalks. The works are planned to be completed before the temple festival.

“We are completing the preparatory work for paving of asphalt. We start laying asphalt on Voluntarilov Street along buildings No. 57-59, and equipping parking lots. Then we continue to Independentsey Street – along buildings No. 100-102, too, lay asphalt on parking lots, sidewalks and road. Then we’ll go down to the yards along buildings No. 92-98 on Independentsey Street. By the end of May, we plan to complete all works on these streets.”

Similar works on repair of intra-quarter roads are conducted in different microdistricts of the city. Many streets are in terrible condition – no repairs for many years.

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