Balti Municipal Council initiated a referendum on the confidence in Renato Usatyi

The decision to initiate a referendum on the confidence in mayor Renato Usatyi was taken by 27 votes of Balti municipal councillors. The appropriate decision was taken during an extraordinary meeting today, January 3, 2017.

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Nicolai Grigorisin, the councillor from „Our Party”, stated before the vote, that the northern capital faced an unprecedented attack exerted by central authorities. According to Grigorisin, the inhabitants of Balti witnessed an unheard attack on the principles of local autonomy.

„The Democratic Party ruling in Moldova, through government officials uses methods typical of raider capture intending to subordinate Balti. In its criminal impulses, the Democratic Party considers Balti inhabitants not like human beings, but as a strategic material”, - Grigorisin said.

It should be reminded that, earlier the mayor Renato Usatyi launched the initiative on the organization of a referendum. The leader of „Our Party” justified his decision saying that „namely Balti inhabitants who have entrusted me to lead the city must decide”.

Usatyi was elected mayor of Balti on June 14, 2015 at local elections. Then 72.46% of Balti inhabitants voted for him and he became mayor from the first round. Renato Usatyi, the leader of „Our Party”, mayor of Balti municipality, is forced to stay outside of Moldova because of the repressions unleashed by the central authorities, continuing to lead the city successfully from abroad.

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