Groundless control on the roads, punched tires, driving licenses deprived. The authorities are trying to disrupt the opposition's protest

Our Party calls on citizens not to refuse protests, despite attempts by the authorities to prevent people from expressing their will. The leadership of the political formation is sure – in the country where the state is controlled by oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, the last weapon is anger of people. Leaders of Our Party told at a press conference on June 5 how the authorities prevent people from participating in opposition protests.

During the press conference, Vice-Chairman of Our Party Elena Gritsko told about the attempts of the authorities to prevent a series of protests in various regions of Moldova. According to the leadership of the party, the authorities are going to apply methods successfully used on the protests of OP on the eve of the protest scheduled for June 11 as well. “Plakhotnyuk uses all kinds of ways to prevent protest. Through the National Agency of Motor Transport, Plakhotnyuk intimidated carriers,” – Elena Gritsko said. According to her, on the eve of the protest, the agency held an extraordinary meeting where the carriers took part: “They were threatened that if someone decides to transport passengers to Kishinev for a protest, they will be deprived of their licenses. Similarly, they [the authorities] did with respect to taxi services. And we are talking not only about the Beltsy services, but also about the Falesti, Donduseni, Riscani, Drokia, and others.”

“And in some places, supporters of the Democratic Party applied such measures, which could be classified as criminal cases. For example, Falesti activists woke up with punctured tires. I hope that police will react to these cases and identify the perpetrators,” – she added.

Elena Gritsko stressed that on the eve of the protest on June 2 in Kishinev, the national routes literally swarmed with the employees of the National Motor Transport Agency. The vice-chairman of the party drew attention to the incident, as a result of which one of the citizens, who was going to protest, was deprived of the driver’s license. “Literally all motorists were stopped. Without any explanation, one of them was deprived of his driver’s license. As a result, his passengers could not get to Kishinev. This shows that they [the authorities] are afraid, and their fear is great. They are afraid that people will go out to the streets on June 11, despite any obstacles,” – she added.

At the same time, Gritsko continued, the Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Zhizdan joined the intimidation of citizens, who, through district policemen, exerted pressure on the mayors. “They were threatened that mayors will be punished if they gather people for protest or organize transportation. The concept of punishment, as Zhizdan sees it, means criminal cases, etc.,” – Elena Gritsko added.

On his part, Dmitry Chubashenko, the vice chairman of Our Party, stressed that there are all signs of a capture of the state; its tools are used by the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk to denigrate Our Party. “It happens because Plakhotnyuk is afraid, he is not sure of his abilities. They do everything to break down, block these protests. They intimidate people, intimidate carriers so that they can not come to these protests,” – he added.

In this context, Chubashenko spoke ironically, stressing that by June 11 “trains will be stopped, and anti-tank hedgehogs will be placed on national highways, because he [Plakhotnyuk] is in fear.”

The chairman of Our Party, Renato Usatii, spoke with journalists via video broadcast on the air as well. He stressed that the oligarch is most afraid namely of the protests. “In a country where everything is his own – tame prosecutors, judges, policemen – for him, it remains to be afraid of only the anger of citizens. His people know this very well, he is much afraid of them [the protests],” – Usatii said, stressing that this was the reason for the authorities’ attempts to discredit the protest on June 11. “New fish stories related to my name appear in order to tell people – sit at home, do not participate in the protests. I want to note that Plakhotnyuk is still on schedule for 2014. Because once in about half a year I’m accused of some murder on schedule,” – the leader of Our Party says.

On Sunday, June 11, a mass protest of the civil society against the change in the electoral system will take place in front of the parliament. This action was preceded by several protests organized by Our Party in Komrat, Beltsy and Kishinev.

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