Usatii On Basarabeasca’s Mayor Arrest: Plahotniuc Has Gone Insane

The arrest of the mayor of Basarabeasca Valentine Chimpoesh on a faked accusation is a political order of Plahotniuc who had a “fit of a madman,” claimed the leader of Our Party and the mayor of Bălţi Renato Usatii on Facebook.

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We remind you that Chimpoesh was accused of… not dealing with harassments of a daughter by her father in one of the local families in Basarabeasca.

“It seems crazy, but that’s the accusation. Plahotniuc has gone insane. All this is a fit of a madman,” wrote Usatii, noticing that their “European partners in development”, silently watching the situation progressing, are putting themselves and the EU in quite a bad light.”

The arrest of Valentine Chimpoesh, who was elected a mayor of Bassarabeasca from Our Party, is an obvious provocation organized a day before the 5th extraordinary Congress of the party, claims Renato Usatii.

“Why was the mayor of Basarabeasca accused today? Tomorrow is the Congress of Our Party, today the NAER increased electricity tariffs, and they need a diversion, and today is Friday they do arrests on Friday. These must be this degenerate’s disease cycles.

Everyone is at gunpoint today. They will find a case for everyone. When will the citizens of Moldova realize that Plahotniuc’s progressive disease is our common problem, not just the opposition’s?” noted Usatii.

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