Charitable act in Beltsy: with Easter gifts – to the elderly, sick and children

On the eve of the Easter holidays, the municipal councilors and volunteers of the Renato Usatii Foundation traditionally visited social centers that help children from the risk groups, people in a difficult life situation and those with mental health problems. Many of them are located in the area of Stelutsa. Pupils of social institutions were congratulated with Easter and got 160 gifts, prepared for them by the volunteers of the charitable Renato Usatii Foundation: sweets and the main attribute of a serene holiday – Easter cake.

According to the municipal councilor Raisa Popenko, they have visited five social centers on Thursday.

The pupils of the establishments were delighted with the guests. After all, in addition to gifts, they got no less valuable and important thing – attention and communication.

Yuliana Vrabiye, director of the social center for temporary placement of children from the risk groups, admitted that the visit of the councilors for the children is a real holiday; such moments are so joyful for them that their eyes glow.

Yuliana Vrabiye has noted that it is important for children to get a bit of care on such a holiday.

In total, volunteers of the charitable Renato Usatii Foundation will distribute more than 7,000 Easter gifts across the country.

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