I personally have always financed “Zaria”. Renato Usatyi denied the accusations of Plahotniuc’s mass media!

The leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi denied the accusations of mass media controlled by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, that he was allegedly involved in money laundering.

“Yesterday evening in the mass media it was reported that allegedly Alexander Grinberg, the partner of Renato Usatyi in Spain and the sponsor of the club “Zaria” was detained. As soon as I became mayor of Balti, Grinberg really came to Moldova at the invitation of Ghenadie Perepadenco who is a famous football player; he took the organization of the coaching staff of the club. Grinberg also promised to invest a certain amount of money in the club, as well as to pay players whom they will bring from Spain”, - Usatyi said.

As a result, according to Usatyi, Grinberg promised to invest a certain amount of money in the club, “however, he didn’t invest anything. Whatever they wrote about that he allegedly invested money in the stadium, in the team – that is not true. There are documents demonstrating this. Everyone can check the receipt of money, the maintenance of the stadium, the children’s school. Recently, I have invested about five to six million lei of my own money in children’s football school. In order to somehow help the [municipal] budget, I paid for the maintenance of the city stadium for two years, and that is about three million lei”.

Moreover, the chairman of “Our Party” stressed that the shareholders of the club are Nicolae Grigorisin, Nicolae Tipovici and Usayi. He added that for a while, Perepadenco also was among the shareholders, however later they broke up amicably.

Usatyi commented on reports of mass media controlled by Plahotniuc regarding his involvement in money laundering based on the fact of meeting with Grinberg, “I have known Plahotniuc about ten years, but that does not mean that I participated in the theft of a billion. I have known Dodon for about five years, this does not at all mean that I am “easy in my morals”. Everyone is responsible for his own merits. Unlike Plahotniuc I didn’t commit any crimes, in the nineties I did not sell anyone and anything”, - he stressed.

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