Chubashenko: Democrats will "fool" the Socialists

The Democratic Party, owned by oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, will not vote in the second reading for President Igor Dodon’s initiative to change the electoral system. According to Dmitry Chubashenko, the Vice-Chairman of Our Party, this step was dictated by the position of the West, who categorically opposed the change in the electoral system.

He said this during the debates organized by Promo-Lex association, which took place on Tuesday.

“Democrats will not support the initiative of the Socialist Party in the second reading,” Chubashenko said, stressing that such a decision of the democrats was dictated by the position of the West: “consolidated position of the West is already determined – the electoral system can not be changed in the present conditions.”

“The Venice Commission, the OSCE, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the US State Department are against transition to a mixed system. The pro-Western alliance, which is now in power in Moldova, today can not be against such a consolidated position of the West,” he added.

The vice-chairman of Our Party stressed that the Democratic Party will find an excuse to refuse to vote in the second reading. In addition, Chubashenko continued, Dodon understands that he will be “fooled”, noting at the same time that “the socialists have already laid themselves open to ridicule, by dragging themselves into this game.”

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