Dodon betrayed electors and should refuse to change the election system. Thousands of protesters in Beltsy approved the resolution (DOCUMENT)

President Igor Dodon promised to fight against the Plakhotnyuk’s regime before the elections and promote the return of Renato Usatii, the leader of Our Party, to his homeland. However, Dodon deceived both his voters, Renato Usatii, and Our Party, which supported him in the second round of the presidential elections.

This is stated in the resolution adopted at the rally held on May 21 in Beltsy, where the residents of Beltsy and residents of the northern regions of Moldova protested against changes in the electoral system.

In the unanimously adopted resolution of the rally, the protesters call on the President Dodon to abandon support for any election system that allows maintenance of Plakhotnyuks’s criminal regime.

The citizens of Beltsy and residents of the north of Moldova also stressed in the resolution that the central authorities continue to discriminate against the Beltsy municipality and prevent normal work of Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii.

“R. G. Usatii still cannot return home because of criminal cases fabricated against him for political reasons. Numerous politically motivated criminal cases are unlawfully brought against other leaders and employees of the Beltsy town hall. The office of the State Chancellory in Beltsy is essentially a branch of the Plakhotnyuk DPM, and instead of promoting the city development, in every possible way sabotages normal activities of the lawfully elected local authorities. DPM proteges in Beltsy continue to patronize bandit, corrupt schemes combated by R. G. Usatii,” – according to the resolution.

Participants of the protest rally expressed their solidarity with Renato Usatii, activists and people’s representatives from Our Party, who are subjected to brutal political repressions by the authorities. The protesters demanded all criminal cases initiated for political reasons to be terminated, and Renato Usatii to be provided with conditions for normal work as the Mayor of Beltsy.

On Saturday, May 20, Our Party held a protest rally “For Free Moldova” in Comrat, where the protesters put forward similar demands to the authorities.

The protests initiated by Our Party were a continuation of the protests that took place in Kishinev from May 5 to May 14, initiated by civil society.

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