Dodon betrayed his electors by putting forward an initiative on a mixed electoral system

The President Igor Dodon, by openly supporting the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk putting forward an initiative to switch to a mixed electoral system, spat in the face of electors. This was announced by the leader of Our Party Renato Usatii during an online broadcast on Facebook. The socialists (whose unofficial leader is still Igor Dodon) had a chance to sign the Declaration of the opposition to keep the current electoral system, but they did not, because “Plakhotnyuk prohibited it,” Usatii says. In addition, the leader of Our Party said that Igor Dodon could have long ago put an end to the Plakhotnyuk’s regime.

So, according to Usatii, the president’s initiative to switch to a mixed electoral system is an attempt to establish the Plakhotnyuk regime for the coming decades.

“He [Igor Dodon] spoke about the union of the Moldovan society. Yes, he united it, but united against himself. Both right-wing and left-wing, pro-European and pro-Russian citizens are all against Plakhotnyuk’s regime. Dodon spat in the face of both our and the majority of his electors, by openly supporting Plakhotnyuk,” Usatii said.

In this regard, Usatii called Dodon’s “fight” against a single-mandate system a dramatization: “Igor Nikolayevich, stop lying! Plakhotnyuk was not going to introduce a single-mandate system, because in this case he will not pass in any electoral district, and this is the worst thing for this paranoid.” The leader of Our Party stressed that the mixed electoral system was the main goal of the oligarch.

“Dodon could go to the end. We could overthrow the Plakhotnyuk’s regime, hold honest democratic elections and dramatically change the development of Moldova for the next 20 years,” Renato Usatii said.

“Today we could already have a legitimate, democratically elected majority in the parliament, but you are interested in Plakhotnyuk’s maintenance, life in Kondritsa with his cook, his security and, I think, his waiters,” the leader of Our Party added, referring to Igor Dodon.

At the same time, Usatii stressed that Dodon refused to sign the Declaration in support of the current electoral system, since “Plakhotnyuk prohibited him from doing this, this is 100 percent!” On March 18, during a briefing, the President Igor Dodon announced his initiative to introduce a mixed electoral system.

Earlier, six opposition parties signed the Declaration in support of the current system. However, the Socialist Party refused to sign the document that was sent to the Venice Commission, as well as to all European partners of Moldova. At that time, the leadership of the political formation argued refusal to refuse to sign alongside such parties as LDPM, “Platform Dignity and Truth” and “Action and Solidarity” parties.

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