“Dodon is a fuse between the people and Plahotniuc”. Renato Usatyi answered to the accusations of the head of state.

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi answered to the accusation of the president Igor Dodon and reminded him of how he was sitting in the waiting room of the “bandit” before presidential elections, asking for his support. The politician stated this during a broadcast in social networks.

“I am ashamed that we made him [Igor Dodon] the president of the Republic of Moldova, I’m ashamed for all that is happening today. I will move forward while the citizens will support me, support our fight” – stated he.

Renato Usatyi, drew attention to the hypocrisy of Dodon, who before presidential elections, “was sitting in my room, like is sitting today in the waiting room of Plahotniuc, like a young prostitute”.

“I supported him including financially, and today he goes out and declares that: “Usatyi is a bandit, he can only be president in the prison”. Here, TV channels belonging to Plahotniuc picked it up and show it to the whole country” – added the leader of “Our Party”.

Renato Usatyi reminded that when Dodon needed support in the presidential elections, “he was swearing, that the first thing he will do after becoming president is to take down Plahotniuc. He just cheated, he just twisted me round his little finger. Today, he performs the commands of Plahotniuc: Igor Dodon – is the Plahotniuc’s condom. As one respected man said, Dodon is a fuse between Plahotniuc and the Moldovan citizens, who are opposing the oligarch regime”.

He also responded to the Dodon’a accusations aacording to which Renato Usatyi had done nothing for the country: “I saved hundreds of children, I bought tens of thousands of square meters of paving slabs, I helped orphanages, nursing homes, I did everything to pay tribute to my roots”.

“Today, Dodon says: “I want to meet in Moscow and make the gas price cheaper”. But why he does not tell us that they are overcharging hundred percent from the price set by Russia. He does not go out and does not say that the local bourgeois, appointed by him, jack up the prices. He appointed the head of MoldovaGaz [servitor to Plahotniuc Vasile Botnari], his man, the socialist [Ruslan Garbali] who headed ChisinauGaz. He is currently trading so that namely his person become the Minister of Defense” – he added.

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