Double standards of the Moldovan Themis: the judge forced the attorneys Renato Usatii to wait for the prosecutor, and then postponed the hearing

Double standards of the Moldovan justice. When the attorneys of Renato Usatii are late to the hearing, the judge proceeds without them; when the prosecutor is late – everyone is waiting for him, and then the hearing is postponed.

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So, according to Istrate, the hearing was to begin at 15:40, however, “the hearing was postponed because of the non-attendance of the Prosecutor Busuyok.”

“This is not the first time that Busuyok does not attend the hearing, and it is postponed. I would also like to note that in the Appeals Chamber, when the defense complaint was considered against Judge Postike’s decision, we had to wait for more than an hour,” –the lawyer added.

At the same time, the human rights activist also drew attention to double standards, which the judges descend to concerning the parties of the proceedings.

“When the defense is late for five minutes, the courts conduct hearings in the absence of lawyers or contact the Union of Advocates for imposing disciplinary sanctions. However, when it comes to prosecutors, courts usually abstain or do not react at all,” –Anatol Istrate said.

The hearing was postponed to May 10.

During the hearing on May 2, the court was to consider a complaint on refusal of the prosecutor to clarify the decision on the charge, as well as refusal to provide proof of the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office to the UK with a request for legal aid. Let’s note, if in another country (in this case, Great Britain), a criminal case is opened on the fact of an attempt on Gorbuntsov, the Moldovan prosecutor’s office had no right to initiate a similar one. This is exactly what the defense of Renato Usatii is trying to figure out, and prosecutors continue to keep silence on this topic.

Recall that a criminal case was initiated against the leader of Our Party in connection with the attempted murder of Russian banker German Gorbuntsov. Then Renato Usatii was put on the international wanted list. At that time, commenting on the actions of the authorities, the leader of Our Party stressed that this is a direct attempt to impede his political activities. Moldovan attorneys of Usatii also talk about the political background of his criminal prosecution. According to them, this is evidenced by the actions of the prosecutor Vitaly Busuyok, who is conducting an investigation, who refuses to protect the access to the criminal case materials in every possible way.

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