"This is a diagnosis for the whole country." Renato Usatii commented on the verdict on the "Petrenko Group"

The verdict to the “Petrenko Group” is a disgrace for the entire country. According to the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, ECHR will certainly take the side of the former deputy and his associates. As a result, all taxpayers of Moldova will pay for this verdict. He wrote about this in social networks.

“The Riscani district court found political prisoners from the “Petrenko Group” guilty in the case where the investigation had no evidence, but the defense provided facts of fraudulent submission of the so-called evidence,” the leader of Our Party wrote.

Usatii stressed that the former deputy Petrenko and his associates got suspended sentences due to the intervention of the foreign community, “the defendants got suspended sentences. This is a victory in a sense, thanks to the resonance that this case has received, as well as the active intervention of the international community. It’s good that Grigory Petrenko, Pavel Grigorchuk, Alexander Roshko, Mikhail Amerberg, Andrey Druz, Oleg Buznya and Vladimir Zhurat are free, but there is no big joy.”

“The verdict itself sounded like a diagnosis to the whole country. A shame. The defense, of course, will appeal, it will go to the Supreme Court of Justice, and then to the European Court of Human Rights. The ECHR will unequivocally award the Petrenko Group with a considerable amount of compensation, and it will be absolutely properly. All the Moldovan taxpayers will pay for this crime of the Plakhotnyuk’s regime, for the suffering of innocent people,” he concluded.

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