The phenomenon of Renato Usatii will be studied by Americans (VIDEO)

The successes in the management activity of the Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii may become the object of study of some professors at the University of Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Ilyan Kashu, the vice-chairman of Our Party, told about this in “Face to Face” program on BTV TV. He noted that American sociologists from this university were interested in how the current Mayor of Beltsy, being in Moscow, copes with the management of one of the largest cities of Moldova.

“I want to note that my colleague from the American University quite seriously asked me about the possibility of conducting a sociological study of the phenomenon of Renato Usatii as a Mayor.

The situation, which Renato Usatii currently is in, to some extent, is unique for the field of public administration. They want to learn how the mayor remotely successfully manages affairs of the city. And this is a real example, because Renato Usatii cooperates with his team from Moscow.”

Renato Usatii has become a Mayor of Beltsy by winning local elections held on June 14, 2015. Over 35 thousand electors voted for him, which is more than 70% of votes.


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