The film about custom cases and "tariffs" of prosecutors is getting closer. There is so much evidence that they do not fit in the house of Usatii (VIDEO)

The documentary about custom criminal cases, prices for “services” of prosecutors and lawlessness of the regime ruling in Moldova, headed by the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, is nearing completion. This was announced by the leader of Our Party Renato Usatii during an online broadcast on Facebook.

Renato Usatii showed several rooms in his house, filled with documents spread out on the floor, which formed the basis of the film. As Usatii said, he even had to rename the rooms in his house to “Signal” room, “WhatsApp” room or “Viber” room [popular instant messengers], the room of the “Mail of the whole world” and others, depending on the origin of the documents. For example, in the “stereophonic” room, there are audio recordings that were at the disposal of the politician. To date, according to his message, audio recordings for the period of July-December 2016 have already been processed.

According to Usatii, he intends to acquaint as many people as possible with “the most dangerous criminal group in the Republic of Moldova”, “it is clear who leads it”. According to the politician, people who appear in these documents should definitely be in prison.

Usatii also apologized for the fact that the release of the promised film is delayed. According to him, this is due to the huge amount of work and the scale of the collected evidence.

Recall, a month ago Renato Usatii announced that he is preparing a documentary film-investigation which is nearing completion. According to him, the length of the film, which will also be translated into English, may exceed two hours.

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