the Renato Usatii Foundation allocated 100 thousand lei to Natalyevka to a double holiday – the Temple of the Village and the Victory Day

The municipality of Natalyevka of Falesti district celebrated a double holiday on May 9 – the Victory Day and the Temple of the Village. To this day, the Renato Usatii Foundation allocated 100,000 lei to the settlement for improvement of the commune villages.

The gift certificate was presented to the local administration during solemn events in honor of the holiday. “Renato Usatii is always with people!” – Elena Gritsko, the chairman of the foundation, wrote on her page.

The charitable foundation was founded by Renato Usatii in 2015 and over the past years has allocated millions of lei to support socially vulnerable population, specific projects for the improvement of villages and towns, material assistance for the most needy, support of children’s sports, medical institutions, and social services for the elderly.

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