Grigorisin: Balti inhabitants promise to support us in the elections and ask to continue the reforms begun by Renato Usatyi

Contrary to the lies spread by pro-government TV channels, and the pressure of the Chisinau mafia, the team of “Our Party” in Balti confidently goes to victory. ​

The candidate for the position of Mayor of Balti of “Our Party” Nicolae Grigorisin wrote this in the social network after a series of meetings with the residents of the city.

“People are tired of machinations and manipulation on the television channels owned by Plahotniuc and Dodon. Aggressive and primitive propaganda of the democrats and socialists is already angering the inhabitants of Balti. No matter what the news, people say, it’s about Balti, where everything is bad. They ask me: “Who is targeted for that hysteria”. The question is rhetorical, it does not require an answer,” he told about his discussion with the residents of the house on P. Botu Street.

“A good meeting took place with voters in the courtyard of 10 Malinovskii Street. We see that the citizens of Balti are interested in the development of the city, in the stable management of the economy, in the changes for the better. That is why, despite the pressure of Chisinau mafia, despite the lies of the central television channels and the provocation of political tourists in Balti, we are confidently going to victory!” - the vice mayor wrote after another meeting with voters.

“In the courtyard on 3 Belinskii Street, residents say that there is no hope that the state will help them. The only hope is for an honest mayor with strong stand who will take care of both the young and the elderly. People promise to support us in the elections and ask to continue the reforms Renato Usatyi started!” - Nicolae Grigorisin shared his conclusions after conversations with the inhabitants of Balti.

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