Grigorisin: Thanks to Renato Usatyi Balti became the sports capital of Moldova

The team of Renato Usatyi and “Our Party” pays special attention to the development of sports in the northern capital. Their efforts were directed towards financial assistance to many talented Balti sportsmen, while the state practically stopped financing Moldovan sport. ​

Nicolae Grigorisin, the candidate for the position of mayor of Balti wrote about this in social network after visiting the city boxing school named after Petuhov.

“Athletes received a tremendous support from Renato Usatyi and express their gratitude for helping to achieve the results that the whole city is proud of. Thanks to Renato Usatyi Balti became the sports capital of Moldova.

Our Party’s team pays a special attention to sports development. Football players, tennis players, basketball players, sambo athlete, boxers, gymnasts, karate athletes are supported, because the state practically provide no budgetary allocation to the Moldovan sport. Renato Usatyi decided to fundamentally change the situation” – vice-mayor wrote in his publication on Facebook. It would take too long to enumerate the merits of the former mayor, but this is unnecessary, because the achievements of our athletes speak for themselves, he said.

“The trainee of Balti sports school named after B. Petuhov, master of sports of international class, Serghei Osloban, who won a gold medal at the World Sambo Championship in Casablanca (Morocco), was awarded a prize of 100 thousand lei.

Balti football club “Zaria” became the winner of Moldova Cup and twice went to the Eurocup.

Renato Usatyi mentored children and youth team football players of Balti.

He helps basketball club “Basco”. Last year, Balti basketball players became the owners of Moldova Cup, and this year – they became Champions of Moldova.

A modern table tennis room is opened in Balti where international competitions are hosted.

A new form for the division of aerobic gymnastics of sports school No. 1 was purchased and a modern floor covering provided.

The administration allocated 200 thousand lei for the development of equestrian sport in Balti.

It would take too long to enumerate the goods deeds and merits of Renato Usatyi, but this is unnecessary, because sport achievements are more important that words”, - Nicolae Grigorisin concluded.

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