Grigorisin: We must win for the future of children, for the whole country!

The candidate for the position of Mayor of Balti, Nicolae Grigorisin within the framework of the electoral campaign held meetings with teachers and employees of the city’s educational institutions.

The vice-mayor spoke about the kind words of support, good questions and constructive proposals received from pedagogues. No matter how hard competitors try, teachers are well aware of who is the general candidate of democrats and socialists, mentioned Grigorisin.

“Voters perfectly understand that the single candidate from the PSRM and the DPM Alexandr Usatyi is nothing else than stealing and corruption, millions of theft and empty budget, bonded loans and a complete lack of investment. People do not want to leave the city, they want to live with dignity, so they will come to the polls and vote for me, they will vote for the continuation of the reforms made by Renato Usatyi” - Grigorisin wrote in social networks after discussing with the collective of the music school named after. D. Enescu.

“He visited the Arts School in Balti together with his colleagues from Chisinau - Elena Panus and Ilian Casu, vice-chairmen of “Our Party”. Today the entire Moldova looks at the opposition city of Balti - the last major free city that did not obey the oligarch Plahotniuc. We must win for the future of children, of the whole country. That is well understood by all those who grew up in the northern capital, for whom Balti is a hometown. This is our city; here is no place for Plahotniuc’s gang!”- the candidate for the position of mayor declared the after the meeting.

Talking with the teachers of the Music School “C. Porumbescu”, the vice-mayor told the audience how the democrats from Balti help to conduct an electoral campaign for the candidate of the PSRM, Alexandr Usatyi.

“It is well known that the candidate for the position of mayor, Alexandr Usatyi, is a single candidate from the PSRM and DPM. One of the popular opposition sites published documents showing cooperation between demons and socialists in Balti. In the Music School “C. Porumbescu” he read a paragraph from the report of the Democrat from Balti Serghei Iordan - let the people know the truth: “On the sites, according to an agreement with the representatives of the PSRM, agitation literature is distributed, newspapers are distributed personally from the number of those that were given on the site - 300 pieces. Banners, stickers for cars are prepared. An agitation rally in the city is expected, organized by the representatives of the PSRM, in which our volunteers will take part”. That is a “constructive” cooperation between the PSRM and DPM ...”- Nicolae Grigorisin said in his publication in Facebook.


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