Grigorisin: I will not let the garbage mafia keep the citizens of Balti hostages!

Workers of the markets in Balti fully support the “Our Party” team and are grateful to the former mayor Renato Usatyi for bringing order, providing comfortable working conditions and eliminating corrupt schemes.

At the same time, people are indignant about the concessionaires regularly blackmailing the city with a garbage collapse. To such a conclusion came the candidate to the position of Mayor Nicolae Grigorisin after meetings with employees of several markets in the northern capital.

“Thanks to the administration of Renato Usatyi, the shopping areas have acquired a modern, European look: instead of old counters, boutiques with rolling shutters appeared, the roads were asphalted and paved with road tiles, lighting and toilets were made. Market workers thank Renato Usatyi and “Our Party” for comfortable working conditions, for careful attention to the needs of ordinary people. Everyone knows that the order was provided by profits from the “Association of Markets”, which appeared when Renato Usatyi liquidated the corruption schemes”, - wrote the candidate to the position of Mayor after visiting the clothing market at Pushkin Street.

“I told people about the amount of theft at the municipal enterprise “Association of Markets” before Renato Usatyi come to the mayor’s office. After the elimination of theft, the company’s profit increased by 9 million lei. This money is now invested in the development of the municipal enterprise. And the citizens of Balti see these changes. That’s why they support us!”- Grigorisin said after the meeting with the sellers in the clothing market “Severny Vokzal”.

“In the vegetable market at the central stadium, people are outraged by the blackmail of the garbage mafia. The concessionaires, controlled by Democratic Party of Plahotniuc, are trying to deprive us of the right to a clean and beautiful city. I will not let the citizens of Balti be held hostage!” - vice-mayor promised.

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