“Stop manipulating!” The lawyers of Usatyi called for the creation of a new group of prosecutors

The lawyers of Renato Usatyi requested the removal of prosecutors Vitalie Busuioc and Lilian Bacalim from the consideration of the criminal case against the leader of “Our Party”. Reason - serious violations committed by them.

Thus, as the lawyer Angela Istrate stated during the press conference, commenting on the statements of the Prosecutor General Eduard Harunjen who considered the declaration of the killer Vitalie Proca as a lie, “the declaration of evidence as false, can be done only on the basis of a procedural act that must be submitted to the defense. Moreover, the relevant act can be approved only in the course of a judicial investigation and not during preliminary hearings”.

At the same time, the lawyer emphasized that the statements made by Valeriu Halupa haven’t even been offered to the defense. It follows that this evidence may not even appear in the materials of the criminal case. Moreover, the lawyer drew attention to the fact that prosecutors committed a serious violation of the principle of the presumption of innocence.

“The prosecutors presented some schemes, some people who, in their opinion, recognized the existence of certain circumstances. The defense learned about Ion Druta and Valeriu Halupa only during the press conference. Before the interview with Proca was published, a scheme was drawn up that rejects Proca’s statements. That is, the prosecutor’s office has drawn up a scheme according to which Proca could not know who the customer of the murder was. And how did the prosecutors find out, if they did not conduct an investigation? That is, the prosecutor’s office just drawn conclusions, and this is a violation of the presumption of innocence”, - Cerga said.

“The prosecutor’s office does not have the right to express its position to the media before the verdict. The prosecutor’s office does not have the right to form public opinion through a press conference. In general - no problems”, added the lawyer.

Cerga noted that attempts are being made to manipulate public opinion: “During the press conference, prosecutors presented a gun, an identity card. Where do they get this evidence, because the prosecutor’s office recognizes that they do not cooperate with foreign law enforcement authorities”.

In addition, during the press conference, Adrian Cojocaru, the lawyer of Valeriu Malarciuc, the former suspect in the criminal case of an attempted murder of the “black banker” spoke.

“Malarciuc was detained in October 2016 on suspicion of smuggling. Three days later he was charged with complicity in an attempted murder. He was under pre-trial detention for nine months. During this period, police pressured him to testify against Renato Usatyi. For nine months we challenged in the courts the arrest warrants, because there was no evidence that confirmed the existence of a link between Malarciuc and this crime”, Cojocaru declared, mentioning that Malarciuc was acquitted by the court for lack of evidence.

“In 2016, on October 7, Proca agreed to cooperate with Romanian law enforcement authorities. Then, Renato Usatyi was interrogated as a witness”, -said Anatol Istrate, other lawyer of the leader of “Our Party”, who presented the answer of the Romanian prosecutor’s office as confirmation.

At the same time, he pointed to a possible connection between this event and the initiation of a criminal case against Usatyi.

“The criminal case on the attempted murder was initiated on October 16. That is immediately after Proca’s consent. I don’t know what the goal was. But we think that the goal was to prevent access to law enforcement authorities of Romania and Great Britain to these people. This criminal case really rises doubts, because we faced to double standards”, - added Istrate, drawing attention to the prosecutor Vitalie Busuioc who had a swift reaction, “who reacted on October 16 and on the same day opened a criminal case”. Furthermore, on October 16, prosecutors recognized as material evidence the interview of German Gorbuntsov.

“The interview of German Gorbuntsov is admitted as material evidence to initiate a criminal case, and the interview of Proca is recognized as a lie”, Istrate wandered.

“According to prosecutors, the crime was committed by Davitean, Malarciuc and Ciobanu, Usatyi and Proca. However, some of them have been eliminated from their latest official version. And they are the people who had been charged, who were under preliminary arrest. Who will pay for the arrest of these people? Why the criminal prosecutions have not been stopped against them so far? We are convinced that the third version will follow”, - he added.

For his part, Alexandru Botnariuc, the lawyer of David Davitean, another subject of the criminal case on the attempted murder of Gorbuntsov, stressed that the purpose of his client’s arrest was pressuring Proca in order to “keep him quiet”.

In order to stop this “information war”, the persecution of lawyers – continued Anatol Istrate - we sent an application on the removal of prosecutors Lilian Bacalim and Vitalie Busuioc and from the consideration of this criminal case”.

The lawyer stressed that the defense insists on the creation of a new group of prosecutors, which will investigate impartially this criminal case. In conclusion, Cerga appealed to prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s office for combating organized crime: “Pass the materials of the case to the competent authorities from Great Britain or Romania. They will solve the case. We should not decide through the media who is guilty. Especially in the conditions when one person has an administrative resource, and another is subject to political repressions using this resource”.

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