Plakhotnyuk and Dodon will complete the change in the electoral system before the fall (EVIDENCE)

The change in the electoral system in Moldova is on schedule previously developed by the head of the ruling regime, oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. According to this plan, the “reform”, conceived by Plakhotnyuk and implemented with the assistance of Moldovan President Igor Dodon, should be completed before the beginning of September. This is confirmed by the evidence published by the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii in his documentary film “Moldova. Territory of Lawlessness”.

The plans to change the electoral system, in particular, are mentioned in the correspondence between the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov and the “contriver” Dmitry Melnikov, one of the key participants in international money laundering criminal schemes.

One of the fragments of this correspondence published in “Moldova. Territory of Lawlessness” is talking about the preparation of the film denigrating Renato Usatii by the order of Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. It was planned to be based on perjury of German Gorbuntsov against the leader of Our Party, which would be the basis for initiation of new criminal cases against him in Moldova. In this way, Plakhotnyuk intended to exclude Usatii from politics, permanently ban him from entering Moldova under threat of imprisonment and defeat Our Party, and then hold parliamentary elections on the electoral system convenient for Plakhotnyuk.

Among other things, Melnikov says that the film is planned to be completed and shown on Plakhotnyuk’s TV channels by the end of August, when Moldova celebrates Independence Day, and mentions the need to meet deadline, as Plakhotnyuk intends to change the electoral system by the end of summer and is interested in neutralizing Usatii by this time.

Correspondence dates from the beginning of May 2017. The following is literally mentioned in messages that Melnikov sends to Gorbuntsov:

“Gera [German Gorbuntsov], they can handle the issue until September, they say that one or two more cases initiated after the film, then Usa [Renato Usatii] will no longer be up to politics.”

“I called Zhenya, he told me that a man from P. [Plakhotnyuk] said that the main thing now is a documentary, to reveal Usa [Usatii]. For P. it is important that Usa was not considered to be a politician and an oppositionist, but a bandit. They want to change the electoral system by summer, and by autumn, maximum by the end of the year, we should finish the case with Usa [Usatii].”

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon is also mentioned in the correspondence, whom the interlocutors mention as “the person of Plakhotnyuk” and do not doubt that there will be no problems for Plakhotnyuk on the part of the president.

“... and P. will continue to work quietly further, as I can see, he is tired of Usa, the president is his man…” – Melnikov writes.

Thus, the evidence published by Renato Usatii, document the fact that the architect of the electoral system change in Moldova is the “coordinator” of the ruling regime, the oligarch Plakhotnyuk. In addition, the allegations against the President Igor Dodon that he is coordinating his actions to change the electoral system with Plakhotnyuk are confirmed.

More than two-hour documentary-investigation “Moldova. Territory of Lawlessness” was prepared by Renato Usatii and published on Facebook on the morning of June 6. As the leader of Our Party reported earlier, this documentary tape tells about criminal cases fabricated in Moldova, the “tariffs” of corrupt Moldovan prosecutors, trading classified documents of international law enforcement agencies and coordination of this criminal activity by Vladimir Plakhotnyuk.

According to the opposition politician, the documentary is based solely on irrefutable evidence, including audio recordings that can load up to the limit both journalists and also international law enforcement agencies and international organizations monitoring the situation in Moldova.

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