How the authorities take revenge on the northern capital: only 1.5% of the Road Fund is allocated for repair of roads in Beltsy

The northern capital of Moldova, one of the largest cities in the country, will receive only 1.7 million lei (or 1.5% of the Road Fund’s total budget) to repair roads. Such figures are contained in a draft recently prepared by the Ministry of Transport.

This state of affairs is considered outrageous in the Beltsy administration. According to Olga Sukhomlinova, the head of income department of the city mayor’s office, the authors of the project do not take into account the state of roads and the share of local roads, and they propose to allocate additional funds to the regions that already had preferential financing for many years. Moreover, she is sure that by cutting funding after the local budget has been approved and the scope of work determined, the government roughly violates the law. The official shared her indignation in social networks.

“The bitterness of our statistics on the distribution of the road fund – those districts that for several years were provided with additional funds from the Road Fund according to the rules defined by the internal document (published nowhere), now more funds are provided under the new formula.

Look at the figures: “Kishinev municipality will receive 11.8 million lei for maintenance of local roads and 20.8 million lei for national roads, Beltsy municipality – 1.7 million lei, ATU Gagauzia – 13.7 million lei, Soroka district – 18.8 million lei, Ungheni – 14.7 million lei, Cahul – 14.3 million lei, etc.” The Beltsy municipality – only 1.5% of the road fund. Why not take into account the condition of roads??? Why not take into account the share of local roads equal to 65%, and use 50% in the formula??? When they will begin to take into account intra-quarter roads??? Why is the Government and the Ministry of Finance allowed to violate the Law (after the local budget is approved and the scope of work is determined, we are faced with the fact of reducing financing in order to increase it to somebody)??? There are no answers, but there is a desire not to give up and work in spite of all difficulties!” – that is what is said in the publication of Sukhomlinova on Facebook.

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