The municipal enterprise DRSU has started the final stage of reconstruction of the intra-quarter Stryyskaya Street: it is taking on a new look gradually. Its overhaul began in 2016. First, the old curb stone was replaced with a new one, which was installed according to a new modern technology. Then they the street was filled with crushed stone. Now work is under way to lay the asphalt pavement. Sergey Pchela, director of DRSU, said that initially it was planned to lay one layer of asphalt in Stryyskaya Street, but this idea had to be abandoned.

“The first layer of asphalt was laid, and then the second. We do this so that the pavement does not crack when the temperature drops. We wanted to lay only one layer of asphalt, but we came to the conclusion that this way it will serve less.”

Master of DRSU Vasily Maslov clarified to BTV that the thickness of the asphalt affects the expected period of road operation. That’s why two layers will be laid on Stryyskaya Street.

“Sometimes even 3 layers are laid, but not one. Here we lay two layers, since we will not lay 15-16 cm of asphalt, but at least 7-8 cm, so that the road can be used for at least 5-6 years. We do not want to waste money, and then redo.”

In Beltsy, overhaul of roads and urban development began. Intra-quarter streets are also being repaired in addition to the central streets.

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