Plan Of Our Party For Kishinev Is To Help All Citizens Reach City Administration

Activists of Our Party will be working in every house of the capital to help the citizens solve their problems in the city administration, open the doors that the officials are hiding behind. Kishinev’s municipal counselor Ilian Cashu talked about the plan of creating a stable direct line to the citizens of the capital during the 5th extraordinary Congress of the political formation.

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Cashu noted that the residents of Kishinev see how “Plahotniuc’s stealing regime lets Kirtoake and his myrmidons destroy the city.” “What to the residents want? They want to solve their daily problems. That’s what we want too, and we will act — the counselors of Our Party in the municipal council of Kishinev with the team of Our Party,” announced Cashu. “We will come into every house and help the citizens in self-organization.”

The municipal counselor also noted that his colleagues in the municipal council, Elena Panush and Nikolay Zipovich, are literally bombarding the officials in the city administration with requests, letters, and demands to make them solve the problems of the residents of Kishinev.

“We have a great plan that we’re already implementing,” said Cashu. “There’s going to be an activist in every housing block – a member of Our Party whose task will be helping to create a direct connection with the city residents. I believe in the team that I am a part of, in the team of Our Party, and I am sure that we can make Kishinev just as beautiful or even more beautiful than during the times of Karl Schmidt or during the Soviet period,” the vice-president of Our Party is certain about his words.

Ilian Cashu encouraged the citizens to share ideas, opinions, and suggestions with the team of Our Party despite their political preferences to improve the city’s infrastructure and appearance.

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