The criminal regime of Plahotniuc-Dodon hurry sent to the prison two of the activists of “Our Party”

The trial on charges of two activists of “Our Party”, Stanislav Vlasov and Serghei Tomsa, who were arrested as a result of provocations organized by police officers during a peaceful protest in front of the parliament on July 19, continues.

The case was being considered by the Court of Buiucani sector. Both activists are accused in “resistance to the law enforcement officers”. However, both Vlasov and Tomsa were arrested by unknown people dressed in civilian clothes who did not identified themselves as police officers, which is confirmed by numerous certificates, including video recordings.

In both cases, the lawyer Iulian Pascari demanded in Court to postpone consideration due to the fact that the defense did not have time to study the case files. However, the Court granted to the lawyer in both cases no more than one hour (!) to become familiar with the case. As a result, the lawyer demanded to remove the judge Alexandru Negru who is hearing the case of Tomsa, although the judge Victoria Hadirca rejected the claim. She needs only five minutes to reach the decision. As a result, the judge Negru continued the hearing of the case of Tomsa. The Vlasov’s case it’s still pending.

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