Mayor of Falesti has admitted that the democrats forced him to withdraw from Our Party: "They pressed and blackmailed me" (AUDIO RECORD)

The Mayor of Falesti, Vladimir Rusu, who earlier announced his withdrawal from Our Party, along with other former members of the Falesht organization of the party, has admitted that he left the political formation because of blackmail. According to the mayor, he was repeatedly blackmailed by various representatives of the territorial organization of the Democratic Party in Falesti, as well as someone named Oleg from Kishinev, Rusu confessed to former party fellows, as evidenced by the audio record. It was published by the leader of Our Party Renato Usatîi on his Facebook page.

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In addition, according to the audio record, the mayor of Falesti said that the democrats began to come to him right after the leader of Our Party Renato Usatîi demanded on Skype that he resign. “They pressed on me, they mocked me. Since that time, when I was “hit” by Renato on Skype, they press on me,” confessed Rusu.

“They came to my house by car and took me. They said, “Mr. Mayor, we came to an occasion, you can not do anything about it, you have children, you have grandchildren.” And I do not know where I can go, to the Democratic Party!?”- Rusu told.

The mayor of Falesti was never able to recall either the surname or the position of the “guest” from Kishinev, Oleg. According to Rusu, Oleg repeatedly told him that he would have problems if he did not agree.

In addition, the mayor said that he was assured that Renato Usatîi would not return to Moldova any more, since all obstacles were created for this, but even if he decides to do so, he will be immediately detained.

Recall that in March, several advisors and mayors from the Falesti district, including Vladimir Rusu, signed a statement that they are leaving Our Party. Soon one of them, an adviser to village Obreja Veche, recorded a video message where he announced that he was returning to the party and withdrawing his signature from the statement. The adviser confessed that he had been deceived and thus forced to sign the document.

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