At the urban forum in Moscow, Usatii will discuss holding of a similar forum in Beltsy in the fall of 2017 (VIDEO)

Groups of experts and heads of the city administration of Beltsy will take part in different events on the subject of the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF) during the week. The Moldovan delegation will also have to discuss the organizational aspects related to the holding of a similar forum in Beltsy in the fall of 2017 in cooperation with the Moscow government.

This was announced by the mayor of Beltsy, Renato Usatii, who together with the vice-mayor Igor Sheremet went on the air in social networks from one of the exhibition grounds of MUF.

The Beltsy delegation arrives in Moscow in several stages, as the profile conferences are opened during the urban forum. “So many of our experts come because they need to see what we can use in Beltsy today,” Renato Usatii said.

- Also together with the government of Moscow we will hold the same forum in September in Beltsy. There are so many details related to organization, they promised to help with invitation of international experts from France, Germany, Russia who will speak and share their knowledge both with the leadership of Beltsy, and also with all other cities and mayors of the country’s settlements. This will be a very important event for us.”

Renato Usatii stressed that the results of a survey conducted by the IDIS-Viitorul institute, which showed that the Beltsy City Hall is the most transparent in the country, show the progress made in the management of the northern capital in a short time. “No city hall in the country has such an assessment, which we received in two years of activity,” Usatii noted.

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