“Our Party” on the police provocation: This is a lie and a cheap falsification, the police turned into the political gestapo of Plahotniuc

The leadership and activists of “Our Party” rejected the slander and falsifications, which are spreading by the head of the General Police Inspectorate, Alexandru Pinzari. During the press-conference, they published evidence which made obvious the intentional lie, which is operate by high police dignitaries, trying to divide and discredit the political forces in opposition to the criminal regime.

We remind that the Head of General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Pinzari, declared that the banners with insults to one of the leaders of the opposition “Platforma DA” were installed on the square of the Great National Assembly by the activists of “Our Party”. As the sole evidence, on the official website of the General Inspectorate of Police politia.md, have been published records of phone wiretapping, illegally carried out by the law enforcement agencies. In the private conversation, the activist of “Our Party”, Serghei Urecheanu says one word, and namely “action” which Pinzari interprets it as supposed evidence of involvement of “Our Party” in this provocation.

During the press conference organized by “Our Party”, Serghei Urecheanu denied these allegations: “I want to express my indignation at the fact that the private conversations are intercepted by police officers without opening of any criminal proceedings. I spoke with a person, my friend, who generally does not know what’s going on in the party, he is apolitical”.

Urecheanu said that in the phone conversation, illegally recorded by police, his friend invited him to a rest on weekend. However, according to Urecheanu: “in the context of conversation, I told him that I had not enough time, that our party’s comrades were detained, they were detained for 10 days for nothing, and their detention period ends on Saturday evening, 29th, and we as party colleagues, have to meet them, to support them, and it will be a night action. He does not even know the people that we had to meet”.

Moreover, during the press conference was demonstrated a record from party’s online distribution, where supporters of “Our Party” invited to a night action at the meeting of released activists from detention [Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov were illegally arrested by police during a protest in front of the parliament on July 19].

As noted by the Vice Chairman of “Our Party,” Dumitru Ciubasenco, this provocation is an example of how the Head of General Inspectorate of Police of the country violated the law in front of whole society, at least twice.

“Firstly, they illegally intercept the private telephone conversations, and then they publish them. This is a cheap falsification; a provocation which once again demonstrates how degraded the law enforcement authorities are, how bastardish become the police in a state captured by Plahotniuc”. The police have become a “political gestapo who persecutes the Plahotniuc’s political opponents, and on the other hand covers the criminal activities, including the drug trafficking”. “The heading police – is just a bunch of hooligans who stupidly serve Plahotniuc” – stated Ciubasenco.

He noted that the police namely had clear reasons for organizing this provocation.

“This Pinzari probably still studied at the police academy. He knows that any infringement should have a reason. What kind of reason could have the activists of “Our Party” at night in the center of Chisinau, where around are cameras, hang out propaganda against our protest partners from “Platforma DA?” This is a total idiocy” – notified Ciubasenco. – But the police have a reason. They could first hang these posters against Nastase, and then blame the activists of “Our Party” to face them with “Platform DA”, and after that, perhaps, still fabricate any criminal proceedings against them”.

“The heading police – it’s just a cheap thing. That is not police – that is just a bunch of hooligans” – indignantly Ciubasenco said.

The Vice Chairman of “Our Party”, Ilian Casu, stressed out that when the police needed to organize reprisals against the activists and proponents of “Our Party” during one of protests of previous years, when Stefan cel Mare Boulevard was blocked by cars, the law enforcement forces instantly have identified hundreds of people in order to impose fines on them. “If Pinzari and Jizdan really wanted to find those who were the executors of the provocation on the square of Great National Assembly, then they would have done it easily, they have all the tools at their disposal” – specified Casu.

The fact that the police leadership servant of Plahotniuc points to the “Our Party”, demonstrates that the mafia regime in the captivated state has resorted to the methods of dictatorial regime in Latin America, trying to collide, divide and destroy the opposition, notified Casu.

Ilian Casu stated that “Our Party” officially requests that the citizen Alexandru Pinzari to be dismissed from his post and prosecuted for serious violation of the law and spreading of aspersions. Also, “Our Party” will officially address to the General Prosecutor, Eduard Harunjen, with an urgent demand on investigating the facts of illegal wiretapping of phone conversations of opposition activists. “Pinzari frankly recognized that the conversations of members of anti-Plahotniuc’s opposition party are monitored and recorded. This is a very serious infringement. “What do Jizdan, Pinzari, Cavcaliuc and others, serving Plahotniuc is a lawlessness and impunity” – stated Casu.

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