Our Party condemned the anti-Russian course of the Plakhotnyuk's regime. Resolution of the rally "The Last Bell for Plakhotnyuk"

The anti-Russian course in Moldova’s foreign policy is taking place on the direct instructions of the leader of the anti-popular ruling regime, oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. Together with Plakhotnyuk, Moldovan President Igor Dodon and his Socialist Party act in their own narrow party interests to help them stay in the criminal power. This was announced by the marchers and the participants of the protest rally of Our Party, which took place on June 2 in Kishinev.

The demonstrators adopted a resolution where the course of the ruling regime for the complete breakdown of the traditional friendly relations between our country and Russia is dramatically condemned.

“Russophobia is elevated to the rank of official policy. The scandalous mutual deportation of Russian diplomats from Kishinev and Moldovan diplomats from Moscow has become another impact to bilateral relations. It is planned to ban broadcasts of the Russian TV channels in Moldova. Hysteria around Transdniestria is being pumped up. The normal activities of economic agents exporting their products to the Russian market is under impact, as well as the fate of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens who earn their living in Russia,” – the resolution says.

The protesters stressed that the anti-Russian hysteria in foreign policy is a direct consequence of the actions of the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, who controls all power structures in Moldova.

“The anti-Russian course is held on the initiative and under the direct supervision of the head of the anti-popular, thievish regime that seized Moldova – the chairman of the Democratic Party, coordinator of the ruling coalition Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. By destroying Moldova’s relations with Russia, Plakhotnyuk expects to divert the attention of both Moldovan citizens and its external partners from his own crimes, from the fact that he was the main beneficiary of the theft of a billion, from political repressions initiated by him, from custom criminal cases against the opposition, from destruction of the rule of law and violation of democracy,” – the resolution says.

Participants in the protest expressed their opposition to the change in the electoral system in Moldova, promoted by the Democratic Party with the support of the Socialist Party.

“Plakhotnyuk aims to avoid responsibility for his deed at all costs. By hook or by crook he is trying to push the electoral system reform together with the Socialist Party, which will allow him to retain power to continue robbing the country further, to scoff at the people,” – the document stresses.

The protesters expressed regret that the president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who promised to liquidate the Plakhotnyuk’s regime, in fact entered into a tacit alliance with him and helps to retain the criminal regime in the country.

“Unfortunately, the President Igor Dodon and his Socialist Party are together with Plakhotnyuk,” – the resolution stresses. – “Acting together with Plakhotnyuk, in particular, in promoting the electoral reform, the socialists help maintaining the existing anti-people regime. Paradoxically, election of the pro-Russian president turned into a consolidation of the anti-Russian government and the build-up of anti-Russian hysteria in Moldova.”

In a resolution adopted unanimously, protest participants condemned Plakhotnyuk’s attempts to destabilize the situation in Moldova and advocated maintenance and strengthening of the traditionally friendly, strategic relations between Moldova and Russia.

The demonstrators called on the President Igor Dodon and the Socialist Party to join the people, to abandon the policy of collaboration with the anti-popular Plakhotnyuk’s regime, who occupied Moldova.

“Anyone who cooperates with these marauders who rob the captured territory becomes an accomplice to the occupational authorities. Any attempts to pacify Plakhotnyuk, let alone collude with him, only aggravate the situation, lead to destabilization of Moldova and the region with unpredictable consequences, ultimately – to destruction of the Moldovan state,” – the resolution says.

Participants of the rally of Our Party demanded that DPM and PSRM to abandon the adventure to change the electoral system, withdraw their joint draft amendments to the Election Code, and ensure conditions for holding fair, democratic elections under international control.

Protesters called on all Moldovans to come out on June 11 to protest against the anti-popular Plakhotnyuk’s regime, which is organized by civil society.

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