“Our Party” called upon authorities to revoke the law of Plahotniuc – Dodon on “mixed system” (DOCUMENT, VIDEO)

Our Party condemned the conspiracy of the Democratic Party of Vladimir Plahotniuc and the Socialist Party of Igor Dodon, expressed in an illegal vote in parliament for the so-called “mixed system” of elections. This is stated in the statement which was presented to the public within a press conference organized by political party.

“Through this system, the finally formed tandem Plahotniuc-Dodon is trying to use every possible means to keep Moldova in a situation of “captured state” in which are violated the law, democracy and human rights”, - is notified in the statement.

“Our Party” stated that the recent large-scale protests against the “mixed system” confirmed the complete lack of consensus on this issue in the Moldovan society. “The real political opposition, civil society and external partners have not been consulted”. The recommendations of Venice Commission of Council of Europe and OSCE, supported by the European Union and United States of America” have been completely ignored”, - is notified in the document.

The political party underlines that the actions in tandem of Plahotniuc-Dodon have suddenly provoked negative reactions both inside the country and to foreign partners, which is confirmed by the declarations of highly respected European structures. The opinions are almost unanimous in the fact that the “mixed system” was a huge blow to democracy and political pluralism, pushing Moldova to the path of autocracy and isolationism.

“Our Party” stated that as a result of “electoral reform” voted by Plahotniuc-Dodon tandem, the future elections are initially illegitimate, fabricated, stolen. In case the elections take place, Moldova will bear the stigma of a rogue-state in the heart of Europe.

As stated in the document, the project of DPM-SPRM has obviously breaking the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, in particular the Article 5 (“Democracy and political pluralism”), Article 38 (“The right to vote and the right to be elected”), Article 60 (“Parliament - Supreme Representative and Legislative Body”). The external partners in a consolidated manner confirmed that the “mixed system” is unfair to the opposition and infringes the political pluralism. The lack of the minimum voter turnout and the second round allows electing a deputy with 10% of the total numbers of voters, which makes the parliament non-representative. Many barriers during candidate registration and organization of elections infringe the citizens ‘right to vote and to be elected.

“The proposed election system means the actual refusal of Transnistria, which is a grave anti-state infringement. The authors of the law brazenly lied the residents of Gagauz Autonomy and the Moldovan citizens from the Diaspora” – is stated in the declaration.

As a result, “Our Party” demanded the unconditional repeal of the Law no. 154 of July 20, 2017, “On changes and amendments to some laws” (namely – the Election Code), according to which it is planned to introduce the so-called “mixed system”. Also, “Our Party” called on the deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova who are not supporting the reform of Plahotniuc-Dodon, to exercise their powers and contest the mentioned Law in the Constitutional Court.

“Our Party” confirms its determination to use all legitimate fighting methods, including the peaceful mass protest against the anti-popular tandem Plahotniuc-Dodon, in order to return the country in the course of law and democracy”, - is stated in the document.

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