„Our strength is in unity”. The youngest territorial organization of „Our Party” elected leadership.

One of the youngest Territorial organizations of “Our Party” held on Saturday a report and election conference. As a result, Sergiu Butuc, vice-chairman of Cantemir district, was elected as the chairman of the TO, and Roman Ciubaciuc the mayor of Cantemir city was elected as his deputy. ​

The vice-chairman of “Our Party” Elena Panus proposed the candidature of Butuc was because she considers it one of the most suitable. As a result, the delegates voted for the vice-chairman of the district unanimously.

“I Thank you for your confidence. I hope that I will not disappoint you. Yes, the power is in truth, but only when those who fight for truth are united. Only together we will be able to achieve something”, - Butuc said.

In addition, during the Conference, the composition of the Bureau and the Council of the Territorial Organization was elected, as well as the Audit Commission. Also within the framework of the meeting, ten young people joined the ranks of the youth wing of the Territorial Organization.

Panus, speaking to the delegates, noted that the Territorial Organization of Cantemir is the youngest TO. She added that was proud of this team: “they joint an anti-system party that is not governing. We were the only oppositional party that remained in Moldova, which wants to change something”.

Among the priorities identified by the delegates were the forthcoming parliamentary campaign, as well as general local elections, which will be held in the summer of 2019.

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