„Our municipal councillors have demonstrated courage” - Usatyi spoke about increasing pressure on Balti councillors

After the successful extraordinary meeting of Balti municipal council, during which the decision to hold a referendum on the confidence in Renato Usatyi was approved, the pressure exerted by the acting authorities on the councillors from „Our Party” increased. As a result, the municipal councillor from OP, Nicolai Corniet was forced to resign. The leader of „Our Party” Renato Usatyi thanked the local representative for courageous act. This was stated by the leader of „Our Party” in social networks.

„After the vote of 26 councillors from „Our Party”, as well as the independent councillor Topolnitchi in favour of holding the referendum, the pressure on people continued”, - Usatyi declared, stressing that the regime began to pressure the councillors even before the extraordinary meeting. In this context, the mayor of Balti expressed appreciation to the municipal councillors, „who have demonstrated courage. They voted, they didn’t sell themselves”.

Usatyi emphasized that the frequent episodes of pressure were motivated by the intention of Plahotniuc’s regime to „create” a pocket majority in Balti, in order to appoint subsequently a convenient acting mayor. At the same time, the leader of „Our Party” noted that one of OP’s councillor, Nicolai Corniet was forced to resign because of the pressure: „They frightened this man even yesterday morning [January 3] and the night before last [January 2]. He wrote a letter of resignation and left. He had not acceded to the „demons” [democrats], he did not declare himself independent - he left. He will be replaced by our next colleague on the list”.

„He acted like a real man. I want to thank him for that. Yes, he will not have the possibility to fight further, but he will continue to help Balti inhabitants as a lawyer. At least, he has not betrayed us”, - Usatyi said.

Usatyi informed that another councillor of OP faction - Anton Lisnic is preparing to leave. „If you are an honest man, you will refuse the mandate and leave. There is a plenty of work to do every day and this doesn’t necessarily require to be a councillor” - the leader of „Our Party” addressed to the municipal councillor.

„Today, the council consists of 25 and not of 26 members. How many of us will subsequently remain depends on the decision of Lisnic. If he refuses the mandate - we will have again 26 members ”, - he summed up.

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