Appeal of „Our Party” to the voters of Chisinau in connection with the elections of the General Mayor

Dear residents of Chisinau!

On Sunday, May 20, early elections of the mayor of Chisinau will be held. “Our Party” did not participate with its candidate. We decided to concentrate our efforts on the elections of the mayor of Balti, which will be held on the same day. But this does not mean that we are indifferent to what is happening in Chisinau.

We call on Chisinau residents to take an active part in the vote, use their voice to inflict a heavy blow to usurper regime of Plahotniuc, that seized Moldova. For our part, we are doing everything to inflict the same blow on the regime in the “northern capital”, where the Chisinau mafia and its local proteges are trying to implement a raider capture of the whole city.

Chisinau and Balti must remain area free from the Plahotniuc’s regime. Elections of mayors in these cities should become referendums “against Plahotniuc” to express a vote of no confidence in the anti-people’s power, which otherwise could only be described as occupation.

The Democratic Party, with all its vaunted “power”, did not find among the thousands of its members two people whom it could nominate candidates in elections for the position of mayor in Chisinau and Balti. Realizing that it did not have any chance to win this election honestly, this Organized Crime Group decided to act through “pads” - candidates and spoilers, nominated from other parties or as independent, but in fact are candidates of Plahotniuc. Their names are known to everyone, and these names must be crossed out - symbolically, not literally - from ballot papers.

We do not call for boycotting elections or spoiling ballots. On the contrary, we urge all conscientious citizens to come to the polling stations massively and say “No!” to Plahotniuc’s candidates, whether they are formally leftists, centrists or rightists, “pro-West” or “pro-East”. We urge you to make a choice in favor of any candidate who really struggles with the mafia regime.

The main strategic interest of all Moldovan citizens, regardless of their political and geopolitical predilections, party and national affiliation, is the abolition of the bandit regime which seized our homeland. If these gangsters continue to usurp the power and mock Moldova, there is no future in it for anyone.

Voting against the Plahotniuc regime is the only right choice. Let’s do it on May 20!

Chisinau, May 17, 2018

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