The official "engagement" between PSRM and DPM took place

A common project of democrats and socialists on the introduction of a mixed electoral system became the “official engagement” of Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and Igor Dodon. So the leader of Our Party Renato Usatii called today’s decision of the parliament to unite the projects on single-mandate and mixed systems in one bill.

Usatii recalled that before the presidential elections, Igor Dodon promised in no form to help oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk. “On October 28, 2016, presidential candidate Igor Dodon publicly signed a commitment not to cooperate with the Democratic Party and Plakhotnyuk in any form. Today, there was an official engagement between PSRM and DPM. The engagement is usually followed by a wedding,” – Usatii wrote on Facebook.

“In fact, some of the adopted projects will be adopted in the second reading. The projects will be combined, but the final document, as everyone warned, will provide for a mixed system… If only citizens do not interfere,” – the leader of Our Party predicts.

Renato Usatii called up all opposition to start a joint protest against the actions of Plakhotnyuk-Dodon: “A bit later about plans. It is clear that we need to move on to joint mass protests of the opposition. Judging by today’s rally, PCRM will join them as well.”

At the same time, Renato Usatii predicted Igor Dodon the same fate that expected all politicians who tried to cooperate with Plakhotnyuk: “I will not congratulate today’s newlyweds: the union based on the crime will be strong, but not long. The same fate awaits the wife as all previous girlfriends of our oligarch,” – the opposition politician wrote.

Recall, today, unexpectedly for all, the Speaker Andrian Kandu, at the parliament meeting proposed to introduce into the agenda a bill on a single-mandate electoral system. Also, the parliament decided to consider the initiative of the president and socialists on a mixed system out of turn. As a result, both bill drafts were adopted in the first reading, and the overwhelming majority – 74 deputies – voted for the PSRM document. Already after voting, they decided to merge both projects into one.

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