“They can at any moment “to smash in face”. “Our Party” condemned the provocations organized by the police officers

“Our Party” condemned the provocation organized by the police officers dressed in civilian clothes during the protests. The leadership of the party considered that such detachments dressed in civilian clothes are not different from the “death squads”, whose existence is characteristic to various authoritarian regimes.

“We confronted with the law enforcement authorities dressed in civilian clothes who sometimes played the role of protesters; they are extremely dangerous, because in any moment they can start provoking in order then to apply force against the protesters. Likewise, they acted for example with my colleagues Dumitru Ciubasenco and Elena Panus” – declared Ilian Casu, the Vice-Chairman of “Our Party”.

Casu underlined that they call these people “death squads” such as those that existed in various authoritarian regimes, and their goal was the fight against the opposition, through abductions, tortures and murders. Casu stressed that the police officers are not different from such “death squads”, “because they can in every moment “smash in face”, break the ribs, break the head”.

“They selectively use the force, because they did not react to citizens taken at the Plahotniuc’s meeting [meeting in support of changing of the electoral system, held on July 20]. However, no less suspicious is the behavior of policemen in uniform. We have identified one of them – his name is Marin Minuta”, - added Casu, underling that the police officers refused to react when Dumitru Ciubasenco, the Vice-Chairman of “Our Party” was attacked by the law enforcement officers dressed in civilian clothes.

“The guys dressed in civilian clothes” have illegally detained our colleagues on July 19 – the coordinator of Leova TO, Serghei Tomsa, as well as he activist of the Chisinau TO, Stanislav Vlasov. Without any reason, they were kept in the “cellars” of the criminal regime. Obviously, this is an attempt to intimidate”, - added Casu.

For her part, Elena Gritco, the Vice-Chairman of “Our Party”, who was present at the court hearings on both cases, stressed that “it was a pseudo-justice. The judges took more than five hours for making determination, which took place at 12 pm”.

In this sense, she drew attention to another strange circumstance “the Court Chairman [Dorin Dulghieru] has guarded both judges, so later leaving together”.

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