“The priest Valeriu just wanted money.” Gritco denied the lies disseminated by pro-government media

The chairman of Renato Usatyi Foundation denied the lies disseminated by pro-government media “about the non-existent church help” and threatened them with a lawsuit.

This was stated during a press conference held by the chairman of Renato Usatyi Foundation, Elena Gritco and the mayor of Iargara city, Eugeniu Mutaf.

“The biggest challenge for the settlement continues to be the absence of a church. Then, in 2015, we decided to transfer money to its account for construction. During an entire year until 2016, we could not obtain from the priest any document confirming how the money had been spent. Indeed, the philanthropic contract stipulates that the beneficiary must provide documents on how the money has been spent. However, the priest considered that it was not necessary to submit us anything, or he just had nothing to give us”, - Gritco said.

The chairman of the foundation stressed that in 2016 one hundred thousand lei were allocated for the development of the settlement, “but again the residents and the mayor of the city decided that the money had to be spent for the construction of the church”.

“It was decided together with the priest that the funds will not be directed to the account of the church, but to the account of the economic entity owning the hardware store. The priest Valeriu just had to choose the necessary materials. In January, after a verbal agreement with the priest the money was transferred”, -Gritco stressed.

The contract with the economic entity was signed, all necessary documents were prepared, some of which the priest Valeriu had to sign, in order to transfer the construction materials to the balance of the church.

“Half a year the priest treated us like idiots and did not sign anything. And to our requests to return the contract, so that we can cancel it, he refused to do it. I will tell you more, priest Valeriu today wants construction materials, and the next day requires money. He actually told us that he doesn’t need any more construction materials, but wants money”, Gritco added.

As a result, according to the chairman of the foundation, the contract was canceled, and the further procedure means that the economic entity must return

one hundred thousand lei, which subsequently will be redirected to the balance of the mayor’s office.

However, according to the mayor Eugeniu Mutaf, the money will be used to purchase equipment for street lighting. At the same time, Mutaf was surprised by the behavior of the priest Valeriu, “I cannot understand why he acted in this such a way. After all, this money was for the church, although the foundation provided them for the improvement of the settlement. We had to abandon other projects”.

In this context, the chairman of the foundation condemned the media, which begin to speculate on this subject – “It is regrettable that as soon as they hear about the name of Renato Usatyi, they start a race in printing news to denigrate his name.” Gritco asked the periodical Timpul.md and the site Point.md to publish a denial on the site, “otherwise we reserve the right to seize the court to find out the truth there and to force these portals to give us public apologies”.

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