Force Used By Police Against Basarabeasca’s Citizens Who Supported Their Mayor (VIDEO)

According to the agency, a special police unit that conducted the arrest of Basarabeasca’s mayor in a faked political case applied brute force against the elderly residents of the city who came to support their mayor.

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Force was also applied against the children in the building.

All personnel of the Police Inspectorate were involved. You can see how not a single policeman stopped to help the citizens after harming them.

The decision on arresting the local elect was made on Friday morning by prosecutor L. Bakalym, well known for his direct participation in a series of criminal persecutions against the leaders of Our Party headed by Renato Usatii.

Just like in all previous cases, Bakalym made this decision based on his “reasonable suspicion”. The mayor of Basarabeasca is accused of ignoring “notifications” of police about supposed harassment of a minor daughter from her father. According to the prosecutor, the mayor had to deal with the family instead of the police. Based on this prosecutor Bakalym made a decision on a preliminary arrest of the mayor for 72 hours.

About a hundred people outraged by the government’s actions against their well-respected mayor gathered in the city administration.

Valentine Chimpoesh was elected a mayor of Basarabeasca on the 28th of June, 2015. 61,7% of the city population voted for him.

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