“This is our last chance – Balti and the entire Moldova is with us!” Nicolae Grigorisin - candidate of “Our Party” for the position of Mayor of Balti

Today, on April 11, in Balti a public meeting of the active party members of the territorial organization of the northern capital is held. During this meeting the candidate of “Our Party” Nicolae Grigorisin for the position of the mayor of the city will be presented.

More than 800 people participate in Balti in the meeting of the active party members, at which the candidate of “Our Party” for the position of mayor of Balti city will be presented. Among the invitees are activists of the territorial organization, members of the National Council of the party, vice-chairmen, mayors of cities and villages, leaders of the territorial organizations from the country’s districts. The meeting was public, city inhabitants and journalists have been invited to attend the event.

Vice-chairman of “Our Party” Elena Gritco, in her speech mentioned that “the goal that we must achieve in these elections is a victory in the first round”:

- This is a real goal. We must win in the first round – in order to put an end to the raider attack on Balti from Chisinau mafia and its “fifth column” in the northern capital. She also recalled that “concerned that Balti inhabitants should not remain hostage to the raider attack of the central authorities on our city, Renato Usatyi took a courageous decision to cut this knot and allow the citizens themselves to have the last word in the current situation.”

Under the current circumstances, Balti needs a strong and willed mayor. A person who has proven perseverance in defending the interests of the city and citizens. The candidate of “Our Party” in the elections for the position of mayor of Balti municipality is Nicolae Grigorisin! - Elena Gritco presented the candidate.

We recall that early elections of the Mayor of Balti will be held on May 20. Currently, Nicolae Grigorisin holds the position of vice-mayor of Balti municipality serving as ad interim mayor of the northern capital.

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