The first freestyle wrestling tournament in Glodeni is held thanks to the help of the Renato Usatii Foundation (PHOTO)

The first children’s and youth tournament on freestyle wrestling for the Cup of the Mayor of the city is held in Glodeni. Future champions from all over Moldova have updated the wrestling carpet donated by the Renato Usatii Foundation to the city.

More than 100 young sportsmen representing different cities and villages of the regions of Glodeni, Soroka, Briceni, Edintsy and Causeni are participating in the tournament. Competitions are held on the basis of a sports school in Glodeni, in fact – in a regional sports center, where children from many regions of the country learn subtleties of wrestling skills.

According to the Mayor of Glodeni, Stela Onutsu, for nearly two years the school needed a wrestling carpet, without which high-quality training is impossible. Help came from the Renato Usatii Foundation.

Young athletes can now train at a high level, not inferior to the best sports schools. In addition, thanks to this help they can hold serious competitions, like, for example, the first children’s and youth tournament for the Cup of the Mayor of Glodeni. The trainers and teachers of the school, the Mayor’s Office of Glodeni, the participants of the competitions say that they are very grateful to Renato Usatii and his foundation for supporting and promoting the development of children’s sports in our country.

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