"Plakhotnyuk is war!" Thousands of people protested against the aggravation of relations with Russia

More than a thousand supporters of Our Party responded to the call of Renato Usatii and joined the protest organized by the political formation. Protesters, ringing the bells, marched from the Academy of Sciences of Moldova to the office of the Democratic Party on Tigina Street. The leader of Our Party also talked to the protesters via direct communication by phone and urged all citizens of Moldova not to stop and dismantle the Plakhotnyuk’s regime.

The action “The Last Bell for Plakhotnyuk” was first of all provoked by the decision of the government headed by the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk’s protege, Pavel Filip, about the expulsion of five Russian diplomats from Moldova. “We are here to condemn Plakhotnyuk’s irresponsible, provocative actions to worsen relations between Moldova and Russia,” – said Ilian Kashu, the vice chairman of Our Party.

According to the deputy party chairman Dmitry Chubashenko, oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk “is not satisfied with the fact that he captured Moldova, that he stole a billion.” “He has now turned to the escalation of the international situation, he is ready to destroy traditionally friendly relations with Russia only in order to retain his power. Today Plakhotnyuk is not just theft, corruption and repressions, he is already war,” –Chubashenko said.

The vice chairman was supported by the protesters. The slogans “Plakhotnyuk is War!” and “Plakhotnyuk – to Prison!” were often heard during the protest.

At the same time, the protesters called on the President Igor Dodon to refuse cooperation with Plakhotnyuk and “return to the people.” Dmitry Chubashenko said: “We regret very much that the President Dodon and the Socialist Party help Plakhotnyuk in all his dirty affairs. They must wake up and stop. They should not help this usurper who occupied Moldova.”

The local elected representatives also took part in the protest. As the Mayor of Bessarabka, Valentin Chimpoesh, said, the President Igor Dodon should be among the protesters, along with the activists of the Socialist Party. “I really hope that they will come to their senses, and our next protest will be with them,” – Chimpoesh said.

The vice chairman of Our Party Elena Gritsko reminded that oligarch Plakhotnyuk intends to change the electoral system in order to prevent Renato Usatii from joining the parliament. The fact is that the bill on transition to a mixed system contains a huge number of “traps”. One of them is the duty of each candidate to personally file documents with the Central Election Commission upon registration. In conditions when the leader of Our Party is forced to stay outside of Moldova because of trumped-up criminal cases, this condition, according to the idea of the authors of the bill, should prevent Usatii from participating in the elections. “Moreover, each candidate must submit a certificate of incorruptibility. After all, we understand perfectly well that all the authorities are in the hands of Plakhotnyuk, who will never issue such a certificate to Renato Usatii. He thus can not participate in these elections. We demand that Dodon and the Socialist Party review their vision of the draft law. The people are against, the opposition is against!” – Elena Gritsko said.

The leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, talked to the protesters via direct phone communication. People long welcomed him: “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”,“Renato!”. Usatii thanked the citizens for participating in the protest and for “Plakhotnyuk’s farewell ceremony.” “The Last Bell to Plakhotnyuk is the liberation of Moldova, which should become a free, democratic state,” – the opposition politician called on.

In addition, the leader of Our Party urged citizens not to stop and take part in the protest action of civil society, scheduled for June 11. “The whole country should come to Kishinev in order to start dismantling the Plakhotnyuk’s regime and we laid the first stone today!” – he said.

On May 29, the Moldovan authorities announced the expulsion of five Russian diplomatic staff officials from the country. The Prime Minister Pavel Filip later explained that such a decision was taken allegedly “on the basis of information received from the secret services.” At the same time, he refused to detail what was said, as “the rules do not allow”.

On June 1, the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, announced a protest action “The Last Bell for Plakhotnyuk.” The protesters came to the demonstration with bells, symbolizing the desire of the people of Moldova to “say goodbye” to the oligarch.

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