“Plahotniuc intends to destroy the last pockets of resistance”. Local elected representatives of “Our Party” told about the terror unleashed by the oligarch’s regime

Several dozens of mayors and local elected representatives of “Our Party” spoke at a press conference in which they declared about unprecedented terror unleashed by the regime of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

So, according to the adviser of Balti municipality, Nicolae Grigorisin, the local elected representatives of “Our Party” are subjected to unprecedented pressure from the Democratic party, headed by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, “in Balti they exert enormous pressure on advisers from our faction”. According to the adviser, the representatives of the Democratic Party require from the acting police commissioner of Balti city to initiate criminal cases against each member of the faction as soon as possible.

He stressed that the adviser of Balti city, Virgiliu Prodan was forced to fold his mandate under colossal pressure, “he was threatened and put in a condition: either he joins the Democratic Party or declares himself independent. He didn’t do it. He acted like a real man”

Meanwhile, at a press conference held before the Ministry of Internal Affairs, several dozens of mayors and local elected representatives from “Our Party” gathered. Everyone spoke about the pressure they are subjected from the party led by Plahotniuc. Thus, the mayor of Drochia city, Nina Cereteu, said “I was warned that the local police received instructions to remove the mayor in the shortest possible time, sending her at least under house arrest”.

However, in Leova city, the police, apparently, has already received instructions. There, the mayor of the city, Eugen Mutaf was recognized as a suspect “in an attempted murder” against a local priest, who a week earlier was involved in a campaign to discredit the Foundation “Renato Usatyi”.

“This case is based on the false statements of the priest Valeriu Pistrui. Yesterday, among other things, it was revealed that they have no evidence”, - Mutaf stressed. Another local elected representative – Serghei Tomsa, who also was given the status of a suspect in this case, recalled that he was already a victim of police arbitrary treatment, “I was unlawfully detained. It was the personal whims of one of police leaders, who turned into a political tool of the regime”.

For his part, the mayor of Basarabeasca, Valentin, Cimpoies, appealed to judges and prosecutors implicated in crimes against local members of “Our Party”: “Change your mind! Today is Platoniuc’s time, but tomorrow will come the time of those who really support the development of Moldova. Think about where to escape?”. He stressed that sooner or later, they will be held liable for crimes against the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The Vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Ilian Casu said that the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc intends to destroy the last pockets of resistance to the regime and launched a real terror against “Our Party”.

As a result, the participants of the press conference signed an appeal to the international community to draw its attention to the terror unleashed by the oligarch regime against the local authorities.

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