For the testimony against Usatii, Plakhotnyuk is ready to return the "black banker" and the "contrivers" to Moldova

Oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov made a mutually beneficial deal. For libel against the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, oligarch promised Gorbuntsov to return Moldovan assets and the opportunity to launder money through Moldova. This is evidenced by the texts of correspondence in the instant messengers of “contrivers” Evgeny Alekseev and Dmitry Melnikov published by Renato Usatii, as well as the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov himself.

So, according to a message sent by Melnikov to Alekseev, Plakhotnyuk made a proposal to Gorbuntsov “to receive part of the assets in exchange for resumption of the “fish issue” (money laundering – ed.)”. Thus, according to the plan of Plakhotnyuk, Gorbuntsov was to slander the leader of Our Party. According to Melnikov, the “black banker” was supposed to be assisted by the “holder of fellowship” of the oligarch, blogger Vyacheslav Balakchi.

“Moldovan Slava [Vyacheslav Balakchi], to whom Gera [German Gorbuntsov] told about Usatii, is eager to fight. The idea is as follows: to start a rumour about the active participation of Usa [Renato Usatii] in the raider capture of Gera’s bank,” – Melnikov wrote.

Moreover, it turns out from the correspondence of both that prosecutors will have to help in “shooting” of the film, initiating a criminal case against Usatii. In case of “success,” as Melnikov wrote, “entrance to Moldova on our issue is guaranteed.”

Plakhotnyuk’s benefit in this matter becomes apparent from other correspondence between Gorbuntsov and Melnikov. According to the oligarch’s plan, the electoral system has to be changed by summer, “and by autumn, maximum by the end of the year, we should finish the case with Usa [Usatii]”.

In this context, Melnikov wrote, “a man from P. [Plakhotnyuk] said that the main thing now is a documentary, to reveal Usa [Usatii]. For P. it is important that Usa was not considered to be a politician and an oppositionist, but a bandit”.

At the same time, Gorbuntsov wrote the following in another message addressed to Melnikov: “I talked with P. If we do everything correctly and help him closing the case with U., I will ACTIVELY return to Moldova.”

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