Plans of DPM and socialists to remove the vice-mayors of Renato Usatyi are illegal

The issue of the removal of vice-mayors is again on the agenda of the municipal council on the initiative of the faction “For Development”, controlled by DPM and its satellites, among them the so-called socialist Alexandr Usatyi. The meeting will be held on Thursday. ​

They had already tried to do this earlier, having formed a new parochial-oligarchic majority with the support of Alexandr Usatyi. The state chancellery under the control of the Democratic Party insists on the removal of vice-mayors from “Our Party”, noting that Renato Usatyi could not nominate their candidatures from Moscow. However, in reality, the situation is different. Formally, Renato Usatyi is on a business trip, and at the disposal of the mayor’s office there is an official document from the State Labor Inspection, in which it is written in black and white that, after being sent on an official trip, the civil servant continues to be in the workplace. Elena Gritco presented the document at one of the last meetings of the council.

However, the people of the DPM in the council insist on the version of the State Chancellery. They intend to remove the vice-mayors, to appoint their own, and, thus, with the help of socialists, bring to the end the process of seizing power in Balti. “Let the court hear later”, - the representatives of Plahotniuc and Dodon say. It is not necessary to explain once again on whose side Moldovan courts are.

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