“The state of justice should be judged in the light of the cases of Usatyi and Grincu”. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi about the lawlessness reigning in the judicial system

A huge number of criminal cases brought against the leadership and activists of “Our Party” are indeed a clear example of lawlessness reigning in the Moldovan justice. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi told about the enormous number of grave violations recorded in criminal cases against the opposition politician and his supporters.

So, during the press conference, the lawyer Ivan Cerga drew attention to the illegality of the reopening of the criminal cases, both against the chairman of the “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi and against the activist of the political formation, Felix Grincu.

“The cases were reopened with a grave violation of the legislation. Judges ignore the decision of the Constitutional Court and the amendments made to the Code of Criminal Procedure. At this early stage, we can talk about the selective nature of justice”, - Cerga said.

The lawyer stressed that the defense had to consult even the Moldovan parliament, “which confirmed our position. However, we managed to find out that there is a letter in which the Prosecutor General actually gives orders to the courts: “The fact that the Constitutional Court invalidated the norm providing the rights of the prosecutor to reopen the case, does not mean anything, since there is another article.”

“It appears that the Prosecutor General has doubts about the competence of the Constitutional Court, which in its decision was guided by the European practice,” - Cerga added.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Angela Istrate said that the scheme according to which criminal cases are reopened was actually applied in the cases of Usatyi, Grincu, lawyer Ana Ursachi, “and other people who are involved in politics.”

At the same time, Cerga stressed that the courts’ complete denial of the decision of the Constitutional Court “which holds primacy over all other participants in jurisprudence, taking into account the reply of the parliament, indicates that these criminal cases are fabricated on order. There is no other conclusion that may reflect this situation”.

“When the Minister of Justice says that the reform of justice achieved 70 percent, I would say that he still should go down and see what is happening in the courts. Cases of Usatyi, Grincu and other activists is a striking example of how reforms are being implemented in Moldova”, - the lawyer said.

At the same time, the defense of the chairman of “Our Party” drew a parallel with the persons from various criminal cases instituted on corruption, “for corruption they are punished with a fine and are released. Renato Usatyi and the activists of the party are under constant surveillance by the criminal investigation bodies. In order to keep the party under constant pressure, they simulate various circumstances, which find no confirmation”.

In order to demonstrate the presence of the political connotations in criminal cases, initiated against Usatyi and activists, Cerga declared that “criminal cases, in which appear German Gorbuntsov together with Renato Usatyi, are investigated by the same prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office against organized crime. The simple fact that a person suddenly, within a month from the accused turns into a victim and vice versa, gives rise to a large number of questions. Why do the same prosecutors consider this case?”.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office combating organized crime, in addition to supervising the criminal case against Renato Usatyi, also investigated the case against the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Nicolae Tipovici, in 2014, which later bust open in court as well as the case of the Mayor of Basarabeasca, Valentin Cimpoies who is accused of dereliction of duty. What is significant is that in the mayor’s case the Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen left his “trace”, he is the one who by violation of the law, required the transfer of the case to another court.

“It seems that, this prosecutor’s office is acting as a supervisor, following to the orders which results we see today”, - Cerga concluded.

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