Social network users disclosed the "hackers" of the phone of Usatii

“Revelations” of the leader of Our Party widely replicated by the media holding of the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk were another fake. This was stated during the press conference by Renato Usatii himself. According to the leader of OP, a new portion of his “correspondence” with fellow party members is the bad work of the Photoshop amateurs.

In this way, the leader of Our Party, referring to the messages received from social network users, drew attention to the huge number of inconsistencies visible to the naked eye. Thus, the websites sympathizing the Democratic Party and its chairman Vladimir Plakhotnyuk supposedly contain screenshots of Viber and WhatsApp instant messengers. The authors of these materials are trying to convince everyone that the phone of Usatii was hacked. However, on closer inspection it turns out that this was done in a photo editor, and extremely unprofessionally.

According to Usatii, first of the attention can be paid to the crooked names of contacts, the absence of the name of the mobile operator in the notification area, as well as the line of notifications in the messengers about the interlocutor of the: “I address to Balakchi (blogger Vyacheslav Balakchi – ed.), let him rework it somehow, because PublikaTV will make a floater again. Learn to make a photomontage correctly. The children, students are writing to you.”

At the same time, vice-chairman of our Party Ilian Kashu, stressed that he himself learned about these “revelations” from his colleague Dmitry Chubashenko, who asked him: “What is a noodle?”. “I shrug my shoulders. He sees that I am in a stupor, I can not answer anything. The second question was the following: “Well! In fact wrote it to Renato Usatii in the messenger.” Honestly, it took me a while to understand what the “noodle” is,” – Kashu says. However, according to Ilian Kashu, so-called bloggers still attributed the use of such slang to him. “If we analyze this conversation in WhatsApp, there are still 30-40 elements that are not true,” – Kashu added.

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