The official propaganda presents the opening of the NATO office in Chisinau as a harmless action to launch a small „civilian” diplomatic mission, which supposedly corresponds to the interests of Moldova, will help with its „democratization” and „eurointegration”. The reality is completely different.

„Our Party” considers the opening of the NATO office in Moldova inappropriate and not contributing to political stability, consolidation of society, the maintain of the neutral status of the state, the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. We always said that the most important for Moldova are not disputes about geopolitics, which only split the society even more, but finding solutions to its internal problems. Moldova should cease to be a place where external factors are measured by forces, which affect citizens, and become a platform where the West interacts with the East, rather than arranging a geopolitical testing ground. „Our Party” is vehemently against dragging Moldova into NATO’s orbit. We are in favour of maintaining constitutional neutrality, which must be confirmed and consolidated, inter alia, by international guarantees. The opening of the NATO office in Chisinau delays and complicates the achievement of these goals.

For the continuation of such projects as assistance in cleaning a number of settlements from harmful pesticides, the creation of laboratories for cybernetics in universities, as well as for the participation of Moldovan military in international peacekeeping missions, in particular in the Balkans, there was no need to open a special office NATO in Chisinau, which serves as an annoying factor.

It’s no secret that the new office will implement the so-called „Defense and Related Security Capacity Building (DCB)”, approved at the NATO summit in Wales in 2014. This program includes under the guidance of NATO the development of a National security strategy, National defense strategy, Military doctrine for Moldova, with their subsequent implementation by an interdepartmental commission of more than 20 ministries and departments of Moldova. This plan includes the transformation and modernization of the armed forces, the law enforcement system, special services according to and in the interests of NATO, ensuring cybersecurity and fighting (in coordination with EU structures) with „Russian propaganda” and „hybrid attack” of Russia. In the program documents on defense and security issues developed by NATO experts for Moldova, the main „enemies” are considered to be Russia and Transnistria. For combating them, the armed forces and the security system must be „sharpened”. Under the accompaniment of assurances that the DCB initiative is not directed against Russia, that NATO respects the neutrality of Moldova and its refusal to join the alliance, de facto the NATO bloc itself will enter Moldova, which will be rigidly included in the common „matrix” of confrontation between the West and Russia. Moldova doesn’t need it.

We are told that the opening of the NATO office in Chisinau does not violate the neutrality of Moldova. Considering the agenda in the field of defense and security that this office will implement, such assurances look unconvincing. Can you imagine what a hype about the „violation of neutrality” would have risen if the Collective Security Treaty Organization wanted to open a similar office in Moldova?

We also hear that such diplomatic missions are not unusual, that they operate in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi. As for NATO representation in Russia, it does not develop and implement defense and security doctrines for this country. The relations between Georgia and Ukraine and Russia worsened dramatically, even to the breaking of diplomatic relations, against the backdrop of armed conflicts and territorial losses, not least because of pro-NATO aspirations. Taking into account the unsettled Transnistrian conflict in Moldova, we need to be extremely careful in such matters. The transfer of Moldovan armed forces and security structures to NATO standards, and at the same time the declaration of Russia and Transnistria as the main threats, does not contribute to the settlement of the Transnistrian problem.

The opening of the NATO office does not contribute to ending polarization in the Moldovan society itself. The majority of the population does not support the authorities’ plans to increase cooperation with NATO, fearing that this cooperation has a „double bottom”, and in the long term it can result in the abolition of constitutional neutrality, the dragging of Moldova into this military-political alliance, the further deterioration of relations with the Russian Federation, armed conflict in the region.

The opening of the NATO liaison office in Chisinau is advantageous for the gangster regime that seized Moldova, which is trying to maintain power by „selling” to the West „geopolitical services” to combat „Russian tanks”. We, the Moldovan citizens, should not think that some external forces should decide their interests for our account, not about the militarization of the country, besides, under the leadership of the bandits that seized it, but rather on the demilitarization of Moldova, on the release of „seized state”, the re-establishing the rule of law and order, the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and peaceful development in the interests of the majority of citizens.

Chisinau, December 8, 2017

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