Mayor of Drochia Nina Cereteu headed the district Territorial organization of “Our Party”: I will not fail!

The territorial organization of “Our Party” in Drochia held a report and election conference, resulting in election of the mayor of the city Nina Cereteu as chairman. About one hundred delegates took part in the Conference.

The candidature of the mayor of Drochia was proposed by one of the delegates, emphasizing that she enjoys an impeccable reputation among the citizens. The activist noted that Cereteu will be able to strengthen the ranks of the party. The delegates agreed with the arguments of the speaker and voted for mayor of Drochia unanimously.

Cereteu thanked the activists for their confidence and stressed that she would not fail: “I will do everything possible to strengthen the Territorial Organization. “Our Party” is the first party I joined. She will remain the only one”.

“We have proved that “Our Party” is a force. Contrary to pressure from the Democratic Party, “Our Party” continues to go forward. I know that it’s hard for all of you because you are pressured, but you are close to us, and I thank you for your courage. Every time Renato Usatyi asks about you, I always send him greetings from you. He needs your support, he need you to be there for him, because it is hard for him”, - Cereteu said, addressing the delegates.

Meanwhile, during the conference the members of the Council and the Bureau of TO, as well as the Audit Commission have been elected. According to the vice-chairman of “Our Party” Nicolae Tipovici, according to the statute of “Our Party”, report and election conferences are held every four years. He stressed that the TO made a report on its activity for the last three years, and among its priorities were the forthcoming local elections in 2019, as well as the parliamentary campaign.

In the next two months, report and election conferences will be held in all Territorial organizations of “Our Party”. To date, the leadership has re-elected the TO of Glodeni, Basabeasca, Singerei and Cantemir.

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