Mayors and advisors of “Our Party”: Plahotniuc’s regime is no longer just gangster it became terrorist

Dozens of mayors and advisors of various levels from “Our Party” accused Plahotniuc’s regime and the Democratic party led by him of political repressions and pressure on opposition representatives in local administration.

According to multiple evidences, the emissaries from Democratic party are trying by blackmail and bribery to pressure the mayors and advisers of “Our Party to betrayal, to move to DPM or to declare themselves independents, and this activity has a centralized, planned character. This point of view was stated during a press conference held near the walls of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Our Party” currently has about 50 mayors and more than 900 advisors. All of them could tell you the same stories. This roller of repression moves all over Moldova to destroy “Our Party”, to destroy its leader, Renato Usatyi, - the vice-chairman of the political party Dumitru Ciubasenco, stated. - Today, all these actions indicate that Plahotniuc’s regime has no longer just mafia, thieving, gangster nature, it became in the full sense of the word, a terrorist regime, because it turned to terror against the political opposition. Plahotniuc’s regime is the Moldovan ISIS,” Ciubasenco said.

Ciubasenco stated that the external partners of Moldova “tolerate the anarchy and lawlessness created by this regime”. He recalled that in February 2017, “Our Party” organized a conference with the participation of diplomatic missions, where a lot of evidence and facts of political repression by Plahotniuc’s regime against the opposition local authorities were published. Ciubasenco also recalled the visit of the delegation of “Our Party” to Strasbourg, where representatives of the opposition political party informed the European structures regarding the alarming situation with regard to the opposition’s persecution in Moldova.

“By order of the regime, more than 100 criminal cases have been initiated against 50 mayors, advisers, ordinary activists of the party. - Ciubasenco noted. I never believed that the external partners who support this government, also support all these repressions”.

“This regime went to the limits and applies any methods”, - Ciubasenco said, referring to the premiere of another slanderous film against Renato Usatyi,

made at the order of Plahtoniuc’s regime. “In this film, they were not ashamed to use the testimony of a certain criminal, Ion Druta with the nickname “Vanya- the writer”, despite the fact that it has been mentioned many times that he was the right-hand man of Plahtoniuc in relations with the criminal world and headed the group of Plahotniuc’s killers, who committed serious crimes,” – Ciubasenco stressed.

“The regime launched a special attack over Balti municipality; this city is like a burr in the saddle. They are doing everything to deprive of the majority and prevent the mayor Renato Usatyi from returning to the city”, Ciubasenco said.

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