The Prosecutor’s office stopped the criminal case against Tipovici. The lawyer: It’s another confirmation that it was a political case.

The Prosecutor’s office of Falesti stopped the criminal case initiated against the Vice Chairman of “Our Party” Nicolae Tipovici, to whom the authorities suspected of being “threatened with murder” to one of advisors of Falesti district. According to the lawyer Anatolie Istrate, this fact shows that law enforcement authorities of Moldova do not shun political criminal cases.

So, according to Istrate the criminal case was initiated in April this year. Within the framework of the criminal case initiated under the Article 155 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, “Threat of murder or grievous bodily harm”, the Vice Chairman of party was awarded with the status of a suspect.

We remind that, during this period, the Vice-Mayor of Falesti, Oleg Pastrama, as well as 17 advisers, had written an application for withdrawal from “Our Party”. Many of them later withdrew their signatures.

“17 advisers were bought by the Democratic Party, namely by Plahotniuc. As Vice Chairman of “Our Party”, I had reacted in common with colleagues and we left to Falesti. There was mobilized the whole territorial organization. During the meeting, it was decided to go to one of advisers Alexandru Luchianov. We came to his home and tried to find out why he wrote the application” – stated Tipovici, stressing that, he failed to get any reasonable explanations from the local elect.

In that moment, the Vice-Mayor, Oleg Pastrama, who, according to Tipovici, in a deceptive manner persuaded the advisers to leave from “Our Party”, had called the police and asked for “the entire Commissariat of Falesti”.

“Luchianov himself was surprised when he saw the police. He did not call anyone, he did not ask for anyone” – stressed out the Vice Chairman of the party. However, this fact is attested by video on which the police officer already in the police section “knocks out” the incriminating evidences against the Vice Chairman of “Our Party”. According to Tipovici, it was recorded and then “leaked” by the Commissar of Falesti himself.

“The adviser was pressured and forced to write the application about the fact that I allegedly threatened him. In fact, was not nothing like this” – added Tipovici.

For his part, the lawyer Anatolie Istrate stressed out that the defense considers this case a political one, which was indirectly confirmed by the Prosecutor, who ordered stopping the criminal prosecution of Tipovici.

“The defense appealed against the decision on opening the criminal proceedings. Consequently, the Prosecutor granted some lawyer’s complaints and ordered closing the criminal case, as well as to remove Tipovici from criminal prosecution. We consider that this fact has confirmed that the case has a political content” – stated Istrate.

The lawyer asserted that persecution of Tipovici reaffirms that the law enforcement authorities of Republic of Moldova do not shun in certain cases to initiate the political cases. Tipovici himself stated that the case was initiated with a view of denigration of “Our Party”.

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