“The protest of free citizens is a bad dream for Plahotniuc”. Renato Usatyi urged Moldovans to prevent change of electoral system

According to the leader of “Our Party”, the draft law on the transition to a mixed system of elections can be approved by the parliament in final reading on July 20.

“There is compelling evidence that on July 20, the Democratic Party will again bring state employees to Chisinau. It is reported that at 9 am they should be at the parliament building. If the information is correct, then the next gathering of citizens under the threat of dismissal is most likely connected with the plans of the ruling majority to vote for a mixed system in the final reading,” Usatyi wrote in the social network.

The leader of “Our party” expressed concern at the fact that intends to bring together state employees before the parliament.

“I do not quite understand why and who is trying to deceive Plahotniuc with this meeting-performance, which is played according to the same scenario over and over again. The society, the opposition and the so-called foreign partners understand that the interests of the ruling elite are in favor of changing the electoral system, which is trying to remain at governance through another fraud. “

“The challenge to confront such plans unites all those who understand that Moldova, led by this junta, has no future. The united protest of free, active citizens who hold different views but are united in the desire to save the country is Plahotniuc’s terrible dream”, added Usatyi.

In conclusion, he stressed that “according to reported cases many of the state employees, also join the protest. If, of course, the writers do not postpone the date due to information leakage. We must be ready to come out into the streets any day”.

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